Paul Yuzyk's Academic Career and Writing

His Published Contributions

Senator Yuzyk wrote more than a half-dozen books and hundreds of his published articles are available in the National Archives of Canada under the Academic Career series.

His book "Ukrainian Canadians: Their Place and Role in Canadian Life" was considered one the best works on Ukrainians in Canada. His other published works include: "The Ukrainians in Manitoba: A Social History," written with a fellowship from the Manitoba Historical Society, "For a Better Canada," and "The Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church in Canada," an edited version of his doctoral thesis, and "Ukrainian Reader" by Paul Yuzyk and Honore Ewach, 1960.

In 1980, the University of Ottawa Press published a widely discussed work, "A Statistical Compendium on the Ukrainians in Canada - 1981-1986," which Senator Yuzyk co-edited with William Darcovich.

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The Ukrainians in Manitoba, a Social History - by Senator Paul Yuzyk

For a better Canada : a collection of selected speeches delivered in the Senate of Canada and at banquets and conferences in various centres across Canada - by Senator Paul Yuzyk