Curriculum Vitae - October, 1973

Born in Pinto (near Estevan), Saskatchewan, June 24, 1913, of pioneer Ukrainian parents, Martin and Katherine (Chaban) Yuzyk. Public and High School education in Saskatoon, 1924-32.

Teacher training in Saskatoon Normal School, 1932-33.

Taught Public and High School at Hafford, Sask., 1933-42. Volunteer in Canadian Army, N.C.O., 1942-43.

Appointed to the Senate of Canada for life by Prime Minister John G. Diefenbaker, February 4, 1963.

Academic Career

University of Saskatchewan, 1941-48:

  • B.A. in Mathematics and Physics, 1949;
  • B.A. Honours in History, 1947;
  • M.A. in History, minor in Slavic Literature, 1948;
  • M.A. thesis, "The Ukrainian (Greek) Catholic Church of Canada".

Fellowship, Manitoba Historical Society, to write history of Ukrainians in Manitoba, 1948-49.

University of Minnesota, 1949-51:

  • Ph.D. in History, minor in Russian Literature, 1958,
  • Ph.D. thesis "The Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church of Canada".

University of Manitoba, 1951-63:

  • Assistant Professor, Slavic Studies and History,1951-58;
  • Associate Professor, History and Slavic Studies, 1958-63,

University of Ottawa, 1966- :

  • Full Professor, Russian and Soviet History and Canadian-Soviet Relations.

Manitoba Historical Society, Treasurer, Secretary, Vice-President and President, 1952-63:  Editor of annual transactions, 1953-58;

Member, Editorial Board of Manitoba Pageant, quarterly historical magazine for Public and High Schools, 1956-63;

Chairman, Ethnic Group Studies, granting fellowships and grants subsidized by the Manitoba Government.

Books have been published on the Mennonites, Poles, Ukrainians, Icelanders, Jews and Hutterites of Manitoba.

Books Published:

The Ukrainians in Manitoba: A Social History. Toronto, University of Toronto Press, 1953.

Ukrainian Reader (with Honore Ewach). Winnipeg, Ukrainian Canadian Committee, 1960.

Several editions. Text for Public and High Schools in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Ukrainian Canadians: Their Place and Role in Canadian Life. Toronto, Ukrainian Professional and Business men's Federation, 1967.

Canadiens Ukrainiens: Leur place et leur role dans la vie canadienne. Winnipeg, Prosvita, 1967.

Ukrayintsi v Kanadi: Yikh Rozvytok i Dosydhnennya (i Ivan Tesla) (Revised). Munich, Ukrainian Technical-Economic Institute, 1968.

Editor, Concern for Canadian Cultural Rights: A Conference to Study Canada's Multicultural Patterns in the Sixties; Proceedings of and response to Thinkers' National Conference on Canadian Cultural Rights held on December 13, 14 and 15, 1968 in Toronto, Ontario. Ottawa, Canadian Cultural Rights Committee, 1968.

Aird, Hon. John B., et al (including Paul Yuzyk), Canada. Caribbean Relations: Report of the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs of The Senate of Canada. Ottawa, Queen's Printer for Canada, 1970. English and French.

Davey, Hon. Keith, et al (including Paul Yuzyk), Mass Media: Report of the Special Senate Committee on Mass Media. Vol. I The Uncertain Mirror; Vol. II Words, Music and Dollars; Vol. Ill Good, Bad, or Simply Inevitable: Research Studies. Ottawa, Queen's Printer for Canada, 1970. English and French.

Lamontagne, Hon. Maurice, et al (including Paul Yuzyk), A Science Policy for Canada: Report of the Senate Special Committee on Science Policy. Vol. I - A Critical Review: Past and Present; Vol. II Targets and Strategies for the Seventies; Vol. Ill A Government Organization for the Seventies, Ottawa, Queen's Printer for Canada, 1970, 1972 and 1973. English and French.

Aird, Hon. John B., et al (including Paul Yuzyk), Canadian Relations with the European Community; Report of the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Senate of Canada. Ottawa, Queen's Printer for Canada, July, 1973. English and French.

Articles (partial list)

The First Ukrainians in Manitoba" in Papers Read before the Historical and Scientific Society of Manitoba, Series III, No. 8, 1953.

"Orthodox Churches" and "Ukrainian Catholic Church" in Encyclopedia Canadiana. Ottawa, Canadiana Co. Ltd., 1958.

Canada: A Multicultural Nation", Maiden Speech, Debates of the Senate, March 3, 1964, subsequently published as a pamphlet separately by the Ukrainian Canadian Committee, Winnipeg; the Ukrainian National Federation of Canada, Toronto; Ukrainian Voice, English Series, Pamphlet No 5, Winnipeg, April, 1964.

"Canada. A Multicutural Nation" in Canadian Slavonic Papers, VIII. Toronto, University of Toronto Press, 1965.

"The 'Third Nation and Tomorrow's Canada" in Canada Month, January, 1967. "Un statut officiel pour la troisieme force?" in La Presse, April 22, 1967.

Foreword to Peters, Victor, Nestor Makhno: The Life of an Anarchist. Winnipeg, Echo Books, 1970.

"The Constitution of Canada" in Debates of the Senate of Canada, Second Session, Twenty-eighth Parliament, 18-19 Elizabeth II, February 17, 1970, Vol. I. pp. 557-570.

"Freedom: Mankind's Common Heritage" in Sudbury Star, February 3, 1970; reprinted in The Ukrainian Weekly, March 26, 28 and April 4, 1970, Jersey City, N. J., U.S.A.

"The True Canadian Identity. Multiculturalism and the Emerging New Factor in the Emerging New Canada", pp. 1-17, in Report of the Conference MULTICULTURALISM FOR CANADA, sponsored by the Citizenship Branch of the Secretary of State, the Students' Union of the University of Alberta and the Ukrainian Students Club of the University of Alberta. Held at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, August 28-29, 1970.

"Biculturalism or Multiculturalism?" pp. 2327, in Report of the Multi-Ethnic Conference, sponsored by the Ukrainian Students Club of Ottawa in conjunction with the Citizenship Branch of the Department of the Secretary of State, at the National Arts Centre, Ottawa, November 1, 1970.

"Technological Progress, the Environment and the Quality of Life", delivered to The Manitoba Teachers' Society at the 51st Annual Dinner, Winnipeg, March 30, 1970. Published in The Ukrainian Weekly, June 6, 13, 20, 27, July 3 and 10, 1970. Jersey City, N.J., U.S.A.

"The Soviet Union and the United Nations", delivered to the Annual Meeting of the Lincoln County Women Teachers' Association, St. Catharines, Ontario. May 12, 1970, basically the speech delivered in the Senate. see Debates of the Senate of Canada, 28th Parliament, Second Session, November 18, 1969. Reprinted in The Ukrainian Quarterly. Reprinted in The Ukrainian Review "Le multiculturalisme canadien tel que le voient les elements de la 'troisieme force' au pays," Le Soleil, Quebec City, November 17, 1971.

"The Ukrainian Fact in Canada" in program book The Future of the Ukrainian Canadians in Quebec. Montreal Conference June 9, 10 and 11, 1972, sponsored by the Federal Government of Canada, Prime Minister of Quebec and the Ukrainian Canadian Committee; pp. 11-25. English, French and Ukrainian.

Major Research Project

Director of five-year research project "Statistical Compendium on the Ukrainians in Canada, 1891-1971", subsidized by annual grants amounting to $75,000 from The Canada Council. This project which involves 8 authoritative researchers and 3 stenographers will be completed in 1975, after publication of the 1971 census. Facilities are provided by the History Department of the University of Ottawa.

Public Service

Senator Yuzyk is a dedicated parliamentarian who constant ly works beyond regular hours and days. For example, he was member of the Steering Executive of the all-party Special Joint Parliamentary Committee of the Senate and the House of Commons on the Constitution of Canada, which held 145 public meetings in 47 important centres of all the provinces and territories of Canada from September, 1969 to June, 1970. The report of this Committee was tabled in both Houses on March 16, 1972, with the title Constitution of Canada; Joint Chairman: Senator Gildas Molgat and Mark MacGuigan, M.P., Ottawa, Information Canada, 1972.

After several years of cultivating good relations among the ethnic groups, he secured their co-operation and organized the Thinkers' Conference on Canadian Cul tural Rights, which was held in Toronto, December 13, 14 and 15, 1968. The sponsors were the Secretary of State Department, a Senate Committee, Ontario Government, Canadian Folk Arts Council, the Canadian Ethnic Press Federation and the Canadian Council of Christians and Jews. This was the first conference of ethnic groups in Canadian history. It received wide publicity and had a strong influence on future federal government policy which subsequently endorsed multiculturalism as did the Parliamentary Committee on the Constitution of Canada.

Participated as Resource Leader in conferences sponsored by the following provincial governments:

  • Manitoba Mosaic Congress, Winnipeg, June 11, 12, 13, 1970.
  • Heritage Ontario Congress, Toronto, June 2, 3 and 4, 1972.
  • Alberta Cultural Heritage Conference, Edmonton, June 16, 17 and 18, 1972.

Speaker at conferences on biculturalism and multiculturalism sponsored by the Canadian Council of Christians and Jews in Sudbury, Toronto and Halifax.

Speaker at meetings in various cities of Kiwanis clubs, Lions' clubs, Canadian Women's Clubs, B'nai B'rith, student societies, various church societies, ethnic organizations, etc.

Parliamentary Delegations and Committees

Canadian Delegation to the 18th General Assembly of the United Nations, Lake Success, N.Y., September. December, 1963.

Canadian Parliamentary Delegation to Poland on the occasion of the Millenium of Poland, July, 1966.

Canadian Parliamentary Delegation to the 18th Session of the North Atlantic Assembly, associated with NATO, Bonn, Germany, November, 1972.

Senate Special Committee on Science Policy to Congress of the U.S.A., Washington, May 7-9, 1969 and to Governments of the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Sweden and Switzerland, September 1969.

Joint Parliamentary Committee on Centennial Youth Parliament (ad hoc), 1965-67.

Joint Parliamentary Committee on Canadian National Anthem (ad hoc), 1966-67.

Senate Special Committee on Science Policy, 1968.

Special Senate Committee on Mass Media, 1969-1970.

Joint Parliamentary Committee on the Constitution of Canada, 1970-72. Joint Parliamentary Library Committee.

Foreign Affairs, Senate Standing Committee.

Health, Welfare and Science, Senate Standing Committee.

Legal and Constitutional Affairs, Senate Standing Committee National Finance, Senate Standing Committee.

Important Positions

Founder and first President, Ukrainian National Youth Federation of Canada, Saskatoon, 1934-36.

Editor, Holos Molodi (Youth Speaks), monthly, Winnipeg, 1948-49. Associate Editor, Opinion, magazine, Winnipeg, 1948-49.

National Treasurer, Ukrainian Canadian Committee, Winnipeg 1952-55.

Editorial Associate, Ukrainian Directory and Year Book, Winnipeg, 1952-56.

Founder, Ukrainian Canadian University Students' Union (SUSK) Winnipeg, 1953. Vice-President, Ukrainian Free Academy of Sciences (UVAN) of Canada, Winnipeg, 1953-68.

Founder, first Secretary-Treasurer (1954-56) and President (1963-64), Canadian Association of Slavists. President, Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Centre, Winnipeg, 1955-71.

Member, General Curriculum Committee, Department of Education of Manitoba, 1958-59.

Member, Y.W.C.A. Advisory Committee on Adult Educa tion, Winnipeg, 1958-63. Vice-President, Ukrainian Canadian Foundation of Taras Shevchenko, Winnipeg, since 1964.

Member, Board of Directors, Canadian Centenary Council, Ottawa, 1956-67.

Director, Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, 1926-68.

Director, Canadian Council of Christians and Jews, Winnipeg-Toronto, since 1963.

President, Higher Education Scholarship Foundation, Toronto, 1966-71.

Director, Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation, Toronto, since 1971.

Vice-President, Ukrainian National (Fraternal) Association, Inc., Jersey City, N.J., U.S.A., since 1970.

Chairman, Human Rights Commission, World Federation of Free Ukrainians, New York, since 1967.

Member, Board of Directors, Radio Station CHIN, Toronto, 1972.

Vice-President, Canadian World University Committee, Montreal, 1972.

References in Directories

Canadian Parliamentary Guide, Ottawa, annually since 1963.

Canadian Directory of Parliament, 1867-1967, Ottawa, 1967.

Canadian Who's Who, Toronto, since 1965. The Blue Book, London, England, since 1968.

Directory of American Scholars, since 1969.

Directory of Educational Specialists, U.S.A., 1970.


Canadian Centennial Medal, 1967,

Manitoba Centennial Medal, 1970.

Shevchenko Gold Medal, 1968.

City of Sudbury, Gold Medal, 1972.

Ukrainian Canadian Committee (Toronto), Gold Medal, 1973. Key to the City of Buffalo, U.S.A., 1966.


Married July 12, 1941 to Mary, daughter of John and Irene Bahniuk, of Hafford, Sask. Four children: Evangeline Paulette, B.A., B.S.W; Victoria Irene, B.A., H.R.M. DIP.; Vera Catherine, B.A. (Hon.), Masters in Political Science; and Theodore Ronald, Dipl. in Environment. All reside in Ottawa. Grandchildren: Lukash Yuzyk, Thea Yuzyk, Tanya Duravetz, Larisa Duravetz, Paul Karpiak, Paulina Stelmach. Great grandchildren: Gabriel O'Malley. (2001)