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Grandparents and Parents
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Grandparents and Parents

Paul Yuzyk's grandfather and grandmother Ivan and Marta (Chomyshyn) on mother Katherine Yuzyk's side. Stryj, Galicia (Ukraine), 1913.

The Martin and Katherine Yuzyk family, 1930. Children, from left to right: Michael, Paul, Mary, John.

Early photo of Paul's parents Martin and Katherine (Chaban) Yuzyk). Paul was born June 24, 1913, in Pinto, Saskatchewan, the first of four children.

Wedding Photos

Paul Yuzyk and Mary Bahniuk on their Wedding Day, July 12, 1941 (Patron Saint Day). The couple were married in a small wooden Greek Catholic Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, Albertown, Saskatchewan.

Wedding Day, June 12, 1941.

Some Family Photos

Press photo of Yuzyk family released on the occasion of his appointment to the Senate of Canada by Prime Minister John G. Diefenbaker, February 4, 1963.

Family photograph. Left to right: Vera, born April 7, 1951; Victoria, born April 8, 1947; Evangeline, born June 21, 1942.

40th Wedding Anniversary at the family cottage in Perkins sur le lac, Quebec.

Appointed to the Senate.

In 1939, Paul Yuzyk directed the Ukrainian National Youth Federation orchestra and choir in Redberry, Saskatchewan. In the photo, Senator Yuzyk is standing behind his future wife Mary, who is holding the MYH sign.

With friends on the lake.

Family Photos - 2003

Left: Mary Yuzyk; Right: Ted Yuzyk with wife Lucya
celebrating 25th Wedding Anniversary
Sept, 2003

Family Photos - 2004

Ted Yuzyk (son) and wife Lucya
Thea Yuzyk and Lukash Yuzyk

Evangeline Duravetz (daughter of Paul & Mary Yuzyk)
daughter Tanya Duravetz with son Gabriel
Larisa Duravetz

Mary Yuzyk with children - Vicki Karpiak (seated on left)
Vera Yuzyk (seated on right), Ted Yuzyk and Eve Duravetz

Mary Yuzyk on her 90th Birthday, November 28, 2004