The Senator's Special Work on Multiculturalism and Human Rights

Maiden Speech Focused on Multiculturalism

Multiculturalism .. Being Canadian

"An early and indefatigable champion of Canadian multiculturalism, Senator Paul Yuzyk of Manitoba, devoted his 1964 maiden speech in the Senate on the subject, saying in part: 'The Indians and Eskimos have been with us throughout our history; the British group is multicultural - English, Scots, Irish, Welsh; and with the setting up of other ethnic groups, which now make up almost a third of the population, Canada has become multicultural in fact ... In keeping with the ideals of democracy and the spirit of Confederation. Canada should accept and guarantee the principle of the partnership of all peoples who have contributed to her development and progress."

("Multiculturalism .. being Canadian"
Multiculturalism and Citizenship Canada, 1987)

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