Testimonial Roast on the 15th Anniversary of Senator Yuzyk's Appointment to the Senate

UCPBA Address at the Roast

Skyline Hotel Ottawa, Canada Saturday, 28 October, 1978

Dear Senator Yuzyk

It is with great pleasure that the Ukrainian Professional and Business Association of Ottawa takes this opportunity to honour you on this 15th Anniversary of your appointment to the Senate of Canada.

As an educator, soldier, community leader and statesman - your contributions are varied and distinguished. Canadians of Ukrainian and other backgrounds have taken great pride in sharing the wealth of knowledge and expertise generated throughout your research and pedagogical teaching in Eastern European and Canadian histories. As Canada's first advocate of the principles of multi-culturalism, you have promoted the recognition of equal opportunities for all Canadians and the respect for human rights and freedoms throughout the world.

Your dedication to your family-your wife Mary, and children, Evangeline, Victoria, Vera and Theodore, remain a model for all to admire and emulate. Senator, due to your great effort and achievements, and your undeniable sense of humour, we trust that you will enjoy this Testimonial Roast, with us, your friends and admirers, and that this booklet, dedicated to your illustrious achievements, will be a fitting memento of our appreciation of your sevice to your fellowmen.

The Executive
Ukrainian Professional and Business Association
Ottawa Branch.